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Team System

Let's Join a Team!

Here, we will introduce a new addition to the PSO BB system: the concept of Teams.

Teams and Parties

What were originally referred to as "Teams" in other PSO games are now referred to as "Parties" in PSO BB?

Slight "Teams" are groups that hunters can make, where they band together to strengthen themselves, share like-minded goals, and form their own communities.
Um... could you make that a little less complicated? Dodger
Slight Put simply, if you're on a Team, you can chat with fellow members anywhere, you can easily get together to do things, as well as have access to other fun features.
Aqua It's really great and convenient if your pals are on the same Team as you!
So, then, can anyone join a Team? Dodger

Using the exclusive Team chat system, chat with any team member anywhere!
Slight Yes, anyone can be on a Team. There are two ways to become part of a Team: the first is to create a Team, and the other is to be invited into a Team.

Team Organization

Teams are comprised of Masters, Leaders, and Common members.

Masters handle Team management and appoint other members to the position of Leader. The person who first creates a Team will be the Master. They also have access to the Master Menu of special Team commands.
Serving as assistants to Masters, Leaders have access to some portion of special commands that Common members do not. There is a fixed number of Leaders that a Team can have, and the position is appointed by a Master.
The majority of the players on a Team will be Common members. They do not get any special access, other than normal Team benefits. Members begin as "Common" when they first are brought onto a team.

I want to be a Master! That just sounds cool: Master! Quick, tell me how to make my own Team!


Visit the info counter to register a new Team.
Slight All you need to do is just to go to the Information Counter in the Lobby, select Team > Create Team, and enter the necessary information.
Wow, that is easy. Dodger

Establishing a Team

Any player who is not currently already part of a Team may create one.

Team Names

You cannot create a Team with a name that is already in use by another Team. You will have to choose a different name for your Team, or try to get invited onto the Team that has the name you like.

Aqua Still, it sounds like being a Master and having to run and manage an entire Team must be tough. You mentioned that you can also be invited onto a Team?
Slight Yes. Masters and Leaders have the authority to invite other people to join their Team. If there's a Team that you think you'd like to join, you might want to try letting them know.


Masters and Leaders can invite other players to join their Teams. Common members cannot send invites.

All right! Here, try joining my Team! Dodger
Aqua Hey, that was easy! It's so fun being on a Team with cool people!

Choose to Invite Members from the Main Menu

Accept Team invites to join a Team.
Slight Just remember that you can only belong to one Team at a time, so be careful.
Still, this whole joining Teams business seems pretty straightforward. Speaking of which, what exactly does being on a Team get you? Dodger

Players who belong to a Team will have that Team's name displayed above their heads in the Lobby. Your Team name is also automatically inscribed onto your Guild Card.

Aqua So it's pretty easy to tell if someone's on a Team or not!
Press the [Tab] key to change the display in order to see the Team names listed above other players' heads. Your Team name will automatically be entered onto your Guild Card in the 'Comment' column.

Team Name Color

Team Masters will have the Team name listed in red; Leaders are in blue, and Common members are shown in white.

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