Welcome to Demiforce Translations

Demiforce has operated as a video game translation outfit since 1997, having translated games from popular franchises such as the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger series.

Since then we've expanded to offer freelance translation services in a number of areas, including legal documents, technical spec sheets, and works of fiction, among others. Our biggest acheivement was a 700 page manuscript which we worked around the clock to localize and polish, completed in April 2003.

We offer extremely competitive rates, and we rely on our many years of hard-earned experience to get the job done right. In addition to this, Demi has a degree in Japanese and has spent a good amount of time over in Japan to work on his fluency. So if you're looking for a professional quality Japanese - English translation, no matter what length, media, or subject matter, contact Demi and we'll get the ball rolling.

- Translations - 
Adventure Island 4 
Earthbound Zero 
Final Fantasy I & II 
Final Fantasy II 
Radical Dreamers 
Twinbee 3 
Wonderboy II 
Wonderboy VI 
- Other Translators - 
Aeon Genesis 
Neill Corlett