Welcome to Demiforce Music

I went back and forth for a long time as to whether or not I should devote an entire section of my site to music. But when I started to get around to making the pages, I realized I was going to be having too many music-oriented subsections to not have a music section. So here we go.

I've always felt that I could have been a great musician by now, if certain events in my life had played out differently. Because of this, I feel that kind of owe it to myself to find out if I really have something or not. So slowly but surely, I plan to get myself into music, no matter what it takes.

As of right now, I've only done light things, like arranging / mixing albums, and fixing up songs. However, I'm studying up on music theory, so hopefully someday this section will host some great original songs.

- Music Sections - 
Mixes / Arrangements 
Remixes / Alterations 
Original Works