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Frotz DC

 Consolevision update
 Posted by on Tuesday, October 18 2005
I just wanted to give everyone an update on what's going on with Consolevision lately since there hasn't been much going on since the last time we updated you, the reader.

As of right now, we are in the process of getting a CMS installed on the site. This will allow us to update the site a lot easier, and more efficiently.

As of late, MetaFox has been busy with his DreamON coding competition, the DreamCon convention, and a new Dreamcast magazine he has set to release sometime soon. I myself am waiting for the CMS, but am trying to get things done behind the scenes such as organizing.

Currently, we are low on staff. This is an unofficial announcement asking that if you're interested in becoming a news poster or would like to join any of the sister sites (PS2vision, DCvision, PCvision, XBoxvision, or Classicvision) to help keep them updated, send myself or MetaFox an e-mail (click on our post image) with what you're interested in and why.
 DreamCPC alpha 3 released
 Posted by on Sunday, October 16 2005 Comments

JMD has released a new version of his Amstrad CPC emulator, DreamCPC. Here's the change list:

- Correct the key mapping bug
- Recode the file browser
- Recode the auto screen size
- Add the border color
- Correct some sound pbm: add speed + sound better
- Change timing main loop: add speed

For the download link and more information, go here.
 DCPang! v1.0 released
 Posted by on Sunday, October 16 2005 Comments

bfg has released a new version DCPang. Here's what's new:

- Sound
- Music
- No more crash

Grab it from here.
 DCPang! alpha
 Posted by on Wednesday, October 12 2005 Comments

bfg has released a new remake of the arcade game Pang!. It's a fully playable alpha version with 25 levels. Currently there no sound or scoring.

For downloads check out this topic.
 NEO4ALL Beta-3 released
 Posted by on Sunday, October 9 2005 Comments

chui has released a new version of his NeoGeo CD emulator. Here's the updates:

* Neo Turf Masters game fixed.
* CDDA track change will not stall gameplay anymore.
* New accurate auto-frameskip method.
* Load/save from/to VMU will not stall gameplay anymore.
* Sound render improvements.
* New loading screen.
* Compiled with new Chui's SDL driver.
* More accurate 68000 CPU timing.
* General improvements.
* Original screen aspect ratio.

For downloads, check out the link provided above.
 Sonic Robo Blast 2
 Posted by on Saturday, October 8 2005 Comments

Sonic Robo-Blast 2, a 3D Sonic fangame based on the DooM Legacy code base, has been ported to the Dreamcast. However, since this is a beta, please note there are bugs:

- Gamepad support is still very problematic. While not required, it is reccomended you use a Keyboard.

- With using SDL, the framerate isn't very good. Normally, SRB2 runs locked at a max of 30fps. Here, framerate depends on the size of the room, with an average of 10fps. (The coders mentioned they are going to abandon SDL for the Dreamcast port in the future, which should increase speed in future versions)

- It seems to crash after playing a few maps.

- There's no sound yet.

The Dreamcast beta binaries and elf can be downloaded here
 Pentagram update
 Posted by on Thursday, October 6 2005 Comments

A few updates for the Ultima VIII engine for October 6. Here's their newspost in whole:

In the last couple of months the behind-the-scenes work has continued, with changes to savegames, game autodetection and key bindings. The more visible changes include antialiasing of the truetype fonts, detection of stealing and hopefully improved Avatar movement.

For download and more information about the engine itself, check out the Pentagram homepge.
 ljsdcdev news
 Posted by on Wednesday, October 5 2005 Comments

A bit of bad news comming from BlueCrab regarding future releases of the ljsdcdev engine:

...The upcoming release of ljsdcdev Engine 0.9.2 will be the final release of the engine as it is known today. Both of the main projects that run on it have seemingly outgrown the engine, and the constraints needed upon them. Basically, I've managed to make a version of ljsdcdev and DCRPG that refuse to run properly, if at all, on the Dreamcast. Something needed to be done about this. Therefor, there will be no further planned releases of the current ljsdcdev Engine after 0.9.2 and the current libcrabclaw after 0.9.5...

For more information, check out BlueCrab's homepage.

Thanks to for the heads up.
 chui releases an updated SDL driver
 Posted by on Wednesday, October 5 2005 Comments

chui has released an updated version to bero's SDL port to Dreamcast. It has the following new features:

- Fast DMA video driver.
- Textured video driver for virtual resolutions.
- Direct framebuffer video driver using store queues.
- Correct OpenGL integration.
- Fast threaded audio driver.
- Mouse emulation using analog pad.
- Mapped keys as pad buttons.
- Correct timer driver.

For some examples and the download to the updated driver itself, check out chui's SDL page.
 iggydrake's new release
 Posted by on Wednesday, October 5 2005 Comments

iggydrake has released the first demo to his platform engine. Currently it's an early demo and ideas of making it so you can add your own graphics are there.

For more information and downloads, check out this DCEmulation topic.
 DC-Tool GUI 3 - Beta 1
 Posted by on Wednesday, October 5 2005 Comments

SiZiOUS has released a new version of his DC-Tool front end with a handful of new features.

For some screenshots and the download link, check out his site.
 Interlogic BLU+ Fix (GP32 Game Port)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
It seems someone had issues with the port of Interlogic on his BLU+ GP32. A600 kindly released a version which should remove the white bar problem.
 PSPPhyton (02-10-2005) (PSP Application)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
A port of Phyton (programming language) is in the works. It's a first version wiht bindings to the essential PSP APIs as well as part of the pspgu.

Those interested may download the binaries; they come in two flavors, one with a debug screen to output some text to, and one graphical. Just install it as a regular homebrew, and upon launch the interpreter will start the '' file in the same directory as EBOOT.PBP. When the user quits through the 'home' button, the script gets a KeyboardInterrupt.
 Tail Tale (02-10-2005) (PSP Game)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
Fumikick has released "Tail Tale" to the public. Thanks to wraggster for the news.
 Kitty Book Portable v1.0 (PSP Application)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
Kitty Book Portable is a textreader for your PSP. More information at it's page.
 PSPRadio v0.34 Pre 3 (PSP Application)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
PSPRadio is an internet radio client for the PSP. Current pre-release version is v0.34 Pre 3 and can be obtained from:
 PSP Tiny SID v0.1 (PSP Application)
 Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
Rainer Sinsch has released the worlds first SID Player for the PSP. This version can be still considerd as Test-Version but works well enough for your retro-style music pleasure. Thanks for the news Rainer!
Installation notes (for PSP v1.5):
Extract the memory-stick folder to your memory-stick as it is. If you want more sid files just put them into the sids folder located at the root of your memory-stick.

PSP-TinySID plays all available SID-files located at the /sids folder. Press "X" to cycle through them (no file browser yet). Everything will be played at 44.1khz, including sid-filters and 2x oversampling. Please note that this program uses the tinysid engine and *NOT* anything sidplay1/2-related.

Known bugs:
This is a test version, don't expect too much for now.
  • Only support for single speed songs for now.
  • No support for subsongs for now
  • Maximum of 512 songs in folder (will be changed later).
  • No digi-support.

    Rainer Sinsch (rsinsch[at]
     PSPVice v0.1 (C64 emu for PSP)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    With PSPVice the second C64 emulator for the PSP arrives. As everyone can guess from the name it's a port of Vice. PSPVice is based on PS2Vice made by Rami Rsnen.
    What is working:
  • Emulator works
  • Speed is good
  • Virtual keyboard
  • D64 and T64 files support

    What is not working:
  • No sound
  • Sometimes hang when enter menu
  • Transparency not working (keyboard and menu display)
     Flow (01-10-2005) (A2600 Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    seemo has updated his Atari 2600 game "Flow".
    Hi, here's an updated version of the game.

    When the loop counter reaches 0, all the cpu cells that couldn't be cleared turn to blocked (grey) status, and it won't be possible to clear them anymore.

     Memory Game v0.6 (PSP Lua Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    This is like the original Memory game you played when you were younger, except that the cards have images of PSP games on the flip side.

    This is a game formatted for Lowser, which is included in the latest Luaplayer. Simply drop the PSP Memory Game folder inside the Applications folder in Lowser. Alternatively, you can simply rename ‘index.lua’ to ‘script.lua’ and add the luaplayer v0.10 eboot there.,0,0,0,12,1445
     PSP Media Player (PSP Application)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    PSP Media Player is a player based on ffplay in ffmpeg library.
     Quarters v1.0 (PSP Lua Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    A drinking game for the PSP? Here we go...
     Rick Dangerous (xRick) (PS2 Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    Rick Dangerous, a super hero and a part time stamp collector, is finally making his debut over to the Playstation 2 console.

    XRick is an open-source clone, known to run on modern platforms. Rewritten by bigorno between 1998 and 2002, XRick has been made available on a handful of platforms, including Linux, Windows, Amiga, QNX, gp32 and now Playstation 2.

    Thanks to Wraggster for the news once more :)
     OpenSNES (01-10-2005) (SNES emu for GP32)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    Reesy has updated OpenSNES for the GP32. This released adds an BLU+ option and an ASM cpu core. Thanks to wraggster for the news.
     Stella DS v0.5.5 (A2600 emu for NDS)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    thechuckster has released a new version of Stella DS. It's a port of the famous Atari 2600 emulator Stella to the Nintendo DS platform.
    Press START during a game to go back to the menu and play a new ROM.

    I replaced the dubious official Atari/Activision ROMs with a collection of homebrew ROMs in the NDS file. If you want different ROMs, compile the emulator with a new set in the arm9 data directory.
     ChopLifter DS r2 (01-10-2005) (NDS Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    ChopLifter has been updated once more. The authors change now: "Now I've also added something exciting to the sub-screen.".
     Iro v0.9c (NDS Game)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    Iro is a breakout game by scawf.
     MoonShell (Beta Test 2 - 01-10-2005) (NDS Application)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    Infantile Paralysiser has updated MoonShell...
     Crazy Paint v0.2 (PSP Application)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    elevationsnow has released a painting application tool for the PSP. This one is a standalone application and doesn't require Lua-Player. Thanks to PSP-Updates for the news.
     PSP Paint Tool v0.1 (PSP Lua Application)
     Posted by on Sunday, October 2 2005
    Raptrex has released a application written using Lua. It's a simple paint program and PNG viewer.

    Should we cover Beats of Rage Modifications?