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Coding for pleasure affects my life in many ways, most of which are positive and rewarding. However, there is a financial impact on my life from choosing to dedicate so much time and energy to creating projects that I myself can appreciate.

First of all, software development requires a lot of highly focused time. This is time that could be spent working on projects that bring in real money. Aside from my day job as a applications and web developer, I also do freelance work in my free time. However, I've become pretty consumed (obsessed?) in Super Famicast. I want a fullspeed SNES emulator for Dreamcast just as much as everyone else. I watched the scene for a long time just waiting for one to emerge. I finally gave up and decided that the only way it was going to happen was if I did it myself. If DreamSNES proves me wrong then fantastic!

Secondly, there's the price of this website. I recently had to upgrade my hosting plan to increase storage and bandwidth limits due to Super Famicast becoming so popular.

Lastly, I have already received feature requests that require me to purchase additional hardware: a Dreamcast mouse, light gun, strange third party VMUs, etc... Money obtained through donations will go towards things such as this.

I want to make it perfectly clear that the amount of donations I receive do not make me work harder or slack off. I enjoy coding for my own projects. Just about nothing gives me more pleasure than being creative and solving problems. Any excess money that I receive through donations will go straight towards stimulants that keep me programming into the wee hours of the morning!

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