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  • 5/16/2004 Version 2
    This is an exciting, disappointing, and hopeful release. It's exciting because Marcus Comstedt and the DreamSNES team did a wonderful thing and decided to let me use their 65c816 CPU core written in SH4 assembler. Before I go on any further, a huge public thanks to them!

    This release is slightly disappointing because the new CPU did not produce the kind of speed increase some might have expected. Also, this CPU core does not seem to work if you disable the SNES sound CPU. So disabling the sound simply prevents the sound from being rendered, but doesn't not disable the emulation of the sound chip. Actually, I believe performance with sound disabled has decreased since the last release. This doesn't concern me too much since the goal is full speed emulation with sound.

    So with that in mind, this is a hopeful release since emulation with sound has improved and some games are playable with sound. Also, the code given to us by the DreamSNES team provides valuable insight as to how other parts of the original snes9x code can be rewritten in assembler.

    Heres a small list of other changes to look for in this release:
    • Mouse support
    • Ability to enable/disable the various background and sprite layers
    • Sound is now syncronized with action
    • Sound quality can be turned up and down

  • 2/2/2004
    Super Famicast now has it's own domain! You can now reach this site by going to
    I'd like to use this moment to say thanks for all the positive feedback I've been receiving. Thank you.
    I've also setup a donation page where you can help out with the expenses that go along with maintaining this site and more.

  • 1/30/2004 Version 1 Released
    I am happy to present version 1 of Super Famicast. Thanks to all that contributed to the speedy development. Be sure to read readme.txt completely before asking questions. Enjoy.

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