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NPC Characters
Principal Colin Tyrell
Principal Colin Tyrell

As the Principal of the Pioneer 2 colony ship, he has the highest position of authority onboard, including the military duties of governor-general and those of top political executive. He is an austere, just man of integrity, and is very popular with his subordinates and the colonists.

He is a widower and the father of the famed Hunter hero, Red Ring Rico. He has become deeply involved with his official duties in order to hide his deep concern for his only daughter's safety; one rarely catches a glimpse of the emotional hardship that he suffers.

On their home planet, Tyrell served as a high-ranking government officer and knew Heathcliff Flowen. There are rumors that he has a history with the Hunters, and compared to other political figures, his trust and faith in their organization is quite high.

Rico Tyrell
Rico Tyrell

Beyond being the daughter of Pioneer 2's Principal, Rico Tyrell has established quite a name for herself in her own right, both as a Hunter and a scientist. The people affectionately call her 'Red Ring Rico,' due to a red armband accessory that she always wears. Her trademark 'Red' weapon set was crafted for her by Heathcliff Flowen.

As a young girl, she showed great talent, and spent a large amount of time in the company of heroes such as Flowen and Donoph. These men acted as father figures and helped to shape her as she grew as a Hunter. Now she effectively represents the modern generation of Hunters.

In order to escape the confines of her father's authority, Rico signed onboard Pioneer 1, along with Flowen. Holding several doctoral degrees in science and linguistics, she took part in the surface exploration parties in charge of survival assistance and terraforming. She also founded the self-defense team that was in charge of investigating Ragol's bizarre mutants, but her entire group was destroyed in the mysterious explosion incident. Hunters have confirmed that she was the only survivor after finding message pods she left highlighting her ongoing investigations after the accident. Rico's current fate and whereabouts are unknown.

Heathcliff Flowen
Heathcliff Flowen

This military hero known as "Sir Greybeard" is the adoptive father of Alicia Baz, and mentor to Red Ring Rico. Along with Zoke Miyama and Donoph Baz, he is one the heroes of the previous generation. The three of them together fought many battles for their home nation, and later became high-ranking government officials. However, the trio parted ways when Flowen’s comrades became disgusted with the government's activities, and absconded, while Flowen himself remained. Despite being a military man, he had a very influential voice in political affairs. To this day, the military still uses Flowen's weapon designs, and the man himself is seen as a model by which to live.

He joined the Pioneer 1 crew as Deputy Commander. There is reason to believe that the report received by Pioneer 2 shortly before entering Ragol orbit, which announced Flowen's death, was fabricated. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Dr. Osto Hyle
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As an authority in the fields of genetic engineering, bionics, and mechanical engineering, he served as the Lab Chief on the Pioneer 1 Research Team. Fellow scientific magnate, Dr. Montague, also joined up with the project aboard Pioneer 2. Together, the scientific pair invented and developed "Mags." The two also initiated a series of plans known as the MOTHER Project, which caused interference and resistance against several organizations, beginning with the military...

Dr. Osto was deeply interested in the ecosystem of Ragol, and studied a previously unknown set of lifeforms with D-cellular structure, secretly sending the results of his research back to Coral. The results showed that these creatures had been restructured on a genetic level by some kind of intelligent scientific design. Fascinated by these newly-evolved lifeforms, he immersed himself fully in his studies. There is the possibility that the many strange mutants now found on Ragol may be the results of his experiments.

Regretfully, it has been confirmed that Dr. Osto Hyle is deceased.

Jean-Carlo Montague
Jean-Carlo Montague

The genius of this renowned young scientist is on par with the great Dr. Osto Hyle. While his mannerisms and attitude are unbearably off-putting, he is not a malicious person at heart. He is an authority on biomechanics and mechanical engineering, with his primary specialty in Photon Engineering. Part of this field involves weapon construction, and in that area, Montague excels. While not as talented as Dr. Osto, he also holds a doctorate degree in genetic engineering.

He worked alongside Dr. Osto in developing Mags and initiated plans for the MOTHER Project. Once Hyle had departed aboard Pioneer 1, however, Montague executed a sweeping change of plans for the Project. With an enormous budget at his disposal, he pioneered a new form of emotional A.I., and developed the androids Ult (Prototype) and Elenor Camuel. Shortly after instituting these changes, the military assumed control of the funding of projects. At this point, even Montague's daily life on Coral was under total military direction.

Later, the military decided to incorporate Montague's plan with the launch of Pioneer 2; intending to continue the Project on Ragol. Montague insisted that he be put in charge, claiming that he needed to be responsible for the project, and joined the ranks of the Pioneer 2 crew. In reality, Montague wanted to escape governmental supervision, and had grown intrigued by Hyle's data reports on the bizarre lifeforms he was studying. He also had a certain scientific interest, as well as a sense of pride in having an environment in which to test out Elenor.

The military then seized the android prototype Ult. After this incident, Montague took Elenor and went into hiding; the whereabouts of Ult are also currently unknown. With Dr. Hyle dead, Montague may be the only living person who holds the key to the MOTHER Project.

Leo Grahart
Leo Grahart

Formerly Captain of the Space Mechanized Mobile Infantry 32 nd WORKS Division, he comes from a very distinguished military family lineage. He is currently a high-ranking official in Coral's Alliance of Nations and through his hard work and charisma, he founded WORKS. His trustworthiness and influence grew, but he ended up with too much power. As a result, the government, in order to halt his actions, ordered the more skilled members of WORKS to join the crew of Pioneer 1, leaving Leo with what weak portion of WORKS remained behind. The current WORKS division on Pioneer 2 is vastly inferior to the previous force.

In the hope of regrouping with his personal team among the WORKS forces on Pioneer 1, Leo took his family and remaining supporters on Pioneer 2 with him, but the explosion on Ragol's surface destroyed what plans he had. He currently commands a nearly-powerless WORKS force on Pioneer 2, along with some trusted companions, secretly working against the MOTHER Project behind the scenes.

His father was the leader of the special military tactical force "Team 00," but was killed during training. There is talk that this was a government assassination, and at the same time as that incident, Leo lost one of his arms in a tragic "accident." These incidents have led people to see a sort of cat-and-mouse rivalry between WORKS forces and the governmental assassination group, Black Paper.

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