Wolfenstein 3D/DC

I'm sure everyone remembers the libdream based releases of Wolf3D/DC early in 2002 (in time for New Years, and some updates afterward). Those were atrocious. This is a port of the same codebase to KOS 1.2.0. A lot of the glitches are fixed, the horrible control is slightly better (I'm gonna ... up-port some code from some other projects later so it'll play just like the PC version). Still no sound (I have code, but it... doesn't work... the sound is being generated though, I'll figure it all out eventually), still the same 320x240 unaccelerated framebuffer rendering (I have a PVR code path, but it always times out and locks up, so no dice for now). More later. - tr0ll 08/02/03

Controls -
(using controller) u/d/l/r on dpad moves, y is y, b is escape, a is enter, l trigger is space, r trigger is control
(using keyboard) everything is mapped to what it should be, except the S3 key of the DC keyboard is the only key mapped to stab/shoot/fire etc. oh, and if you have a serial port/bba, P will take a screenshot stored in "/pc."

Note: these files are binaries only. They do not come with any data files. You will have to provide those yourself.

Downloads (coming soon; source available upon request):
Wolfenstein 3D demo version binary (unscrambled)
Wolfenstein 3D full version binary (unscrambled)
Spear of Destiny demo version binary (unscrambled)
Spear of Destiny full version binary (unscrambled)

Screenshots (yes, it runs in 320x240):