DOS SoftVMS v1.7a

The heading says it all! This is the official homepage of my DOS port of SoftVMS created by Marcus Comstedt

I've ported this to DOS using DJGPP and Allegro. Here's a screenshot running Marcus's tetris...


Last update / news

1/22/00 3:36:13 PM

I've received a number of mails from DOS SoftVMS users saying it's running too fast. I haven't had time to look at this but, for the moment, you can try the following as a quick fix:
vms -s:300 game.vms
(you may need to experiment with the 300 a little)
Thanks to Hajoben and Dave @ VMU Animation for this info. Check back an updated (fixed!) version within the next few days.

1/21/00 2:56:03 PM

DOS SoftVMS v1.7a now uses the same background images as SoftVMS. This part of the effort to integrate the DOS SoftVMS code with Marcus's code base. Hopefully, v1.8 of SoftVMS will include DOS support! As a result of this, vmu.pcx is no longer needed

1/21/00 10:38:50 AM

Fixed the broken links. Thanks to Einstein II webmaster of for this!

1/20/00 5:39:14 PM

Port of latest release (v1.7) - WIP (VMU Icons are not correct…)

1/19/00 4:05:10 PM

Updated source & added roadkill.vms


DOS SoftVMS downloads

Executables (and use instructions)

Source (and build instructions)


VMS downloads

Road Kill (v0.0001 pre-alpha - v0.0002 out soon!)


Other development tools

A number of people have developed the tools necessary for VMU development.  John Maushammer has ported a number of tools to Win32 console apps, including version 1.7 of Marcus's assembler. Also on John's site there's his own disassembler. This is a pretty neat disasm that's got the following VMU specific features:

- Sanyo LC86104C/108C disassembler.
- Automatic determination of code/data space.
- Sega "Potato" special function registers are annotated.
- Some instructions are automatically commented (i.e. branch if 'A' button pressed)
- Disassembly output has been tested and found accurate.
- Either easier-to-read or ready-to-assemble code can be generated.
- User specification of graphic areas (which are commented graphically).
- Portable GPL C code. (with C++ style comments).


VMU Development links

Marcus's site...

John Maushammer's site





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