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DreamSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator based on Gary Henderson's Snes9X. It runs directly on the Dreamcast hardware without using any SEGA or Microsoft libraries. It has been completely developed using free tools. DreamSNES was created by Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas, and Per Hedbor.

The nice anime/manga-esque graphics was made by Kathy Choi. More excellent images by Kathy can be found on her Elfwood page.)

The nice music was made by Jan Warnstam. More music by him can be found at his personal webspace.

These pages are maintained by Peter Bortas. If you follow the link to "The main page" you will get to the pages maintained by Marcus Comstedt. They are all just as official, we have just split the job of maintaining them.

News 20021031    
New Release: 0.9.8

marcus page for the details.

Highlights: MegaMan X2 and X3 support.

If you have got your installer running the only thing you have to do is select "DreamSNES beta v0.9.8" in the application menu and it will download and burn a copy for you.

As far as we know there are no speedups in this release. So please don't spend hours making benchmark lists if you already have numbers for 0.9.7. This release is more targeted at nakamichi than anything else. I feel guilty about seeing him test and report things that are fixed bugs. :-)

(Ok, there are some speedups, but not much you should normally notice.)

News 20020421    
New Release: 0.9.7

Bug fix release. Run on over to marcus page for the details.

If you have got your installer running the only thing you have to do is select "DreamSNES beta v0.9.7" in the application menu and it will download and burn a copy for you.

If you don't have the installer running I suggest you try it out. For this release I've built a package containing everything you need with easy to follow instructions. See the releases page for further instructions.

News 20020224    
New Release: 0.9.6

Bug-fix release. Run on over to marcus page for the details.

Jan Warnstam provided us with some new music.

If you have got your installer running the only thing you have to do is select "DreamSNES beta v0.9.6" in the application menu and it will download and burn a copy for you.

News 20020218    
0.9.5 Errata

The Valentine release was a bit rushed and didn't go though proper QA. Most alarmingly the save code will in most cases truncate your saves. It was tested, but unfortunately the game used for testing did not get any bad effects from the truncation. For now just don't use 0.9.5 if you have saved games you'd like to keep.

I'm sorry to say that there is no way to get a damaged save game back if you have already been affected.

Other annoying by not so serious errors:

  • There is a problem with changing CDs. It's damn near impossible to be exact.
  • There is a lot of artefacts in the sound.
  • The installer/downloader is very hard to get running for Windows people.
News 20020214    
New Release: 0.9.5

This time, we actually do have some speed improvements, on account of porting the entire CPU emulation core into SH4 assembler. No mean feat I can tell you... It also happens to be another themed release, this time inspired by the holiday of love: Valentine.

New music by Hans-Göran Wendelhof and Jan Warnstam. The music was done during some distress. In less than 15min to be exact, so the musicians ask you to consider that this music might not live up to their normal high standards.

Please note:
Do not use any version older that 0.9.5 after you have saved something with 0.9.5. The old releases can't see that the data is compressed and will load it just the same. That normally means that the game will detect the save as crap, make a clean save and then save to the VMU 10s later. Endresult: Your 0.9.5 save will be overwritten with an empty save.

For more details go to marcus page.

News 2001111    
For some reason the forums hosted by easynews was closed down. I'm sure they had their reasons, but they haven't mailed me to tell me what they where. Which goes to show show that should shouldn't trust a third party to handle what you can do yourself. There is no ETA on new forums.
News 20011016    
(This will be in the FAQ, but no one reads the FAQ so...) The requests for a new release has been steadily increasing for some time, so here is the official view of that: We did originally intend to do more before-1.0-releases (and there actually was one all wrapped up a few months ago), but we caught so much flak for the 0.9.4 release - despite the fact that it was only intended to test new save code - that we decided against any more such releases. It's more work that it's worth. There will be no releases before we are happy with it.
News 20010707    
Released TestVMSfs 1.0. Used for testing is VMU saving works. If you had problems saving with 0.9.4, try this app, and speak up if still doesn't work. If you don't you will not be able to save in the next version of DreamSNES either.
News 20010312    
New release: v0.9.4. This is the forth public beta. Again, not much improvement speed wise. We just though people would start to get really tired of the Christmas song by now. :-)

Changes since DreamSNES 0.9.3:

  • Support for C and Z button (as select and exit to menu)
  • Better key-repeat handling in the menus
  • Fullscreen mode added (default, but configurable)
  • Translation to Swedish. And French (sort of).
  • Screen "blanker" in menu
  • New music by Jan Warnstam
  • Keyboard support: Press ESC for menu, Pause for "blanker"
  • Better support for third party memory cards
  • ROMs can now be placed in a directory "ROMS/" instead of in the root
News 20010126    
Nicholas Furgiuele has made an update of the CD covers he created for DreamSNES and added NTSC (US) versions of them. He still has them available for download on his site.
News 20010124    
Nicholas Furgiuele sent us a pointers to some nice looking CD covers he created for DreamSNES. He has made them available for download on his site.
News 20001221    
New release: v0.9.3. This is the third public beta. It is a little faster, but don't expect anything to run full speed. We had a lot of fun creating a Christmas theme for this release as a Christmas present for you. Special thanks to Daniel Wressle for the Jingle Bells 2000 Disco Edit included as menu music.

Changes since DreamSNES 0.9.2:

  • Converted the menus to a cozy Christmas theme.
  • Added mouse support
  • Added possibility to to interpolate mode7.
  • Speeded things up a bit. Note that it is still slow.
  • Fixed menu interlace problem.
  • Removed one of the soundtracks to reduce download size.
Known bug:

 Does not save to Joytech or Nexus 4M bank switched VMUs.
News 20001108    
I added some notes and pictures to the "CD images" page. Hopeful that will help people having problems with the DiscJuggler image.
News 20001107    
peter.bortas.org and mc.pp.se was generating a lot more load on our network than we had anticipated (lots of downloads). Our system administrator did the right thing and shut off access to the sites until we could show up and fix things.

The CD images are now hosted at Lysator (an academic computer society we are members of) and should have plenty of bandwidth.


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