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Well, here's my little downloads section. The two sections here will probably eventually be separated into two different pages, but for now, there is only one.


libcrabclaw 0.9.0:
Released August 9, 2004

ljsdcdev Project releases

ljsdcdev Demo 6:
Released December 9, 2003
libcrabclaw version: Released January, 11, 2004
The "Are we there yet?" release of ljsdcdev.
Binary -- Scrambled, Dreamcast
Source -- libcrabclaw (Linux) version

Linux Installation instructions:
1. Download/extract the last 3 items above for Demo 6.
2. Compile the libcrabclaw source.
3. "export CC_BASE=/dir/to/libcrabclaw" (replacing the /dir/to part as appropriate)
4. Put the Makefile.rules in the parent directory of where the ljsdcdev source is.
5. Compile the ljsdcdev Source.

ljsdcdev Demo 5:
Released September 16, 2003
Links Fixed September 17, 2003
The hurried-up release of ljsdcdev to get it done before Hurricane Isabel comes into the area where I live.
Binary -- Scrambled, Dreamcast

ljsdcdev Demo 4:
Released August 8, 2003
Updated August 8, 2003
A complete rewrite of Demo 3. No longer uses SDL. Once again, Dreamcast-only.
Update: Replace the 1st_read.bin file in the original Demo 4 tarball with the one in the Demo 4a zip file. There were some serious bugs reported.
ljsdcdev Demo 4a -- Binary only
Source Patch - Demo 4 to Demo 4a
Binary (with data) -- Scrambled, Dreamcast
Binary Only -- elf, Dreamcast

ljsdcgen Version 1:
Released May 18, 2003
My port of Generator to Dreamcast with SDL.
Scrambled Binary

ljsdcdev Demo 3:
Released April 20, 2003
Posted April 24, 2003
Bunches of stuff went into this release, see the changelog!
Dreamcast (Binary, scrambled)
Dreamcast (SBI v2.1)
Windows (Installer)

ljsdcdev Demo 2:
Released March 10, 2003
Posted March 20, 2003
Ok, nothing really notable to write here, but I have put the downloads up here, finally.
Dreamcast -- Binary, scrambled
Windows -- Binary
Windows -- Installer

ljsdcdev Demo 1.5:
Posted February 21, 2003
Updated March 2, 2003
Please disregard the README.TXT in each of the below tarballs, a corrected version has been uploaded, and placed here
This is a re-write of my original engine over to SDL, for portability. This demo supports everything that Demo 1 did, and runs on both the PC and the Dreamcast with a simple recompile. Select the version that you wish to download below:
ljsdcdev License
Source release
Binary release -- Dreamcast (scrambled)
Binary release -- Dreamcast (SBI)
Binary release -- Windows (includes DLL's)
Binary release -- Windows (installer)

ljsdcdev Demo 1:
Posted December 24, 2002
This is really just a demo to keep me inspired. It doesn't do much at the moment, just lets you fight through one battle. Anyway, here it is, the long awaited, Demo 1.


VMU Copy 0.1
This is a utility to copy a vmu file from a CD to a VMU. See the enclosed README file for more info.

KOS stuff

This download is the only one that is specifically designed to work with KOS 1.2.0 here. libexpat-1.95.6.
Posted July 31, 2003
libexpat is a standard C XML parsing library. More information can be found on its website: http://www.libexpat.org/.

These downloads are set up for KOS 1.1.9. They will not work with newer versions of KOS because of a reorganization to KOS!
Posted February 21, 2003
SGE is the SDL Graphics Extension. This is needed to compile the DC version of the ljsdcdev project Demo 1.5. This does not contain the original documentation or examples. See the README file for information on how to get the original sources.

SDL_mixer 1.2.4:
Posted January 20, 2003
SDL_mixer is an audio mixer for SDL. This version does not contain OGG Vorbis Support.

Patch to fix SDL stereo support:
Posted January 18, 2003
Just a patch thrown together to fix stereo sound support in SDL on DC. Uses a function from snd_stream.c to separate the two channels instead of the non-working method, currently employed. To use, place this in the directory below the $KOS_BASE directory, and type "patch -p0 -i SDL_audiofix.patch".

SDL_ttf 2.0.5:
Posted January 16, 2003
SDL_ttf is a TrueType font rendering library for SDL. It uses the TrueType library to decode the TrueType font files. An example of its use is included (from the original SDL_ttf package).

FreeType 2.1.3:
Posted January 14, 2003
Updated January 16, 2003

FreeType is a general purpose TrueType font engine. FreeType is what makes SDL_ttf work, and therefore I've uploaded it first. It really hasn't been changed much from the original, except for the addition of the scripts to get it to build correctly with a KOS and GCC environment, and one other minor change in a makefile.
Update January 16, 2003: Put a missing file back in.

SDL_image 1.2.2:
Posted January 5, 2003
Updated January 13, 2003

SDL_image is an image loading library for SDL. The version that I have above supports the following image types: JPEG, PNG, PCX, TGA, PNM, GIF, and BMP. When you use it, you must link with the following in the linker line: "-lSDL_image -lSDL -lpng -lz -ljpeg"
Update January 13, 2003: It does work now, I've tested support for JPEG files and PNG files, after the addition of a setjmp.h (included), it works fine, no changes to the actual source.

SDL_prim 0.2.1:
Posted December 22, 2002
SDL_prim is a primitives drawing library for SDL. It does squares, triangles, points, etc. The original source of SDL_prim was not modified for KOS compatibility. You can find an example here. (The example is the one that came with SDL_prim).


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