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NAME: DS romdiskFS

Description: port of romdiskfs for the Nintendo DS



here is the precompiled libs and header files and a an examples for using romdiskfs on the DS.


This DS lib implements the Linux ROMFS file system for reading a pre-made boot romdisk.

To create a romdisk image, you will need the program "genromfs". This program was designed for Linux but can compile under Cygwin.", included is a prebuilt mingw windows binary.
This was derived/ported from KOS 1.3.x from the Dreamcast KallistiOS .

included is a simple FS test which demonstrates uses the romdisk and also ramdisk ,reading a a file from the romdisk and copies it to ramdisk, and then it displays the directory structure of the ramdisk.

* Now has newlib integration code by TheLazy1 ( *
* Thanks to: Chishm for libfat which I referenced to get this working.

#include "kos/fs_romdisk.h"

and in beginning of main function, check fs_romdisk.h for other methods of integration.

if (!romfsInitDefault())
iprintf("Unable to initialize media device!");
return -1;

here is another link to a different version of genromfs.exe and a link to the cygwin1.dll if you need it. and

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