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NAME: CloneKeenDC

Description: Commander Keen port for the Dreamcast


thanks to Ron at for the screenshots


Dreamcast scrambled binary
Source code


This is a port of CloneKeen for the Sega Dreamcast.

CloneKeen is an almost almost complete open-source clone of
the old classic DOS game, Commander Keen: Invasion of the
Vorticons by ID Software. CloneKeen requires the original game
data files to work. You can play all three episodes of the game.

CloneKeen currently runs under win32, with SDL, and
under Linux/X11, with SDL.

and now the Dreamcast :)

* *
* C L O N E K E E N *
* *
* (c)2003-2005 Caitlin Shaw *
* Released under GNU/GPL *
* *
* Beta 8.3 *
* *
************************************* check the readme.txt file for more information, Dreamcast version currently requires a keyboard.


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