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NAME: Another World for the Dreamcast

Description: Port of a great game for the Dreamcast



Binary - Here


Another World for the Dreamcast (AW/DC)
Version: 1.0
Release Date: December 30th 2005


Information about this legendary game can be found here [1] and [2].

D-pad Allows you to move Lester
A/X Allows you run/shoot with your gun
Left Trigger +Y Allows to enter a code to jump to a specific level
Start Pause the game
Right Trigger +Y Load State
Right Trigger +B Save State
Left Triger +X Increase Save State Number
Left Triger +A Decrease Save State Number

Left Trigger +B Exit to DC-Tool for Testing - arch_exit()


Original game by Eric Chahi and Jean-Francois Freitas
RAW Interpreter code by Gregory Montoir [3]
Dreamcast Port by Troy Davis (GPF) [4]

Please visit the portís official site [4] for more information on this version of Another World.


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