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Welcome to Fuseki Games

The goal of Fuseki is to create games for the awesome Dreamcast console, with a classic coin-op arcade feel, but to incorporate elements that add freshness and originality to the gameplay experience. The games are very much influenced by the classic designers of those coin-ops, and the memories of challenging those great machines. All Fuseki games are free downloads. All you need is Windows, a blank CD, and Discjuggler 4.x or higher, Alcohol 120%, or the free BootDreams utility to burn the games. No console modding is necessary!

Oh... you'll also need a Dreamcast as well!


February 5, 2010

Fuseki Games now has a Facebook Group! Come join the fun!

Primitive Nightmare is still averaging about 15 downloads per day since it's release almost a month ago! Not to shabby for a freeware homebrew game for a supposedly "dead" console :) I appreciate all of the kind words, comments, and constructive criticisms that I've received via email and forum/video posts. All of these comments are very useful and help to better my skills at game development, especially since I'm an "out of touch with new gaming" old guy stuck in the 80s :) Keep them coming!

I've been promising a gameplay video for some time now. Although it's been scripted out, with everything going on between my real life job, my computer repair business, working on fixing some bugs in Primitive Nightmare, family matters, and the few minutes I can get in to play some H2Overdrive at the local Chuck E. Cheese (*smile*), I just haven't had time to sit down and actually film the video. I think I'm going to hold off until Rev. 2 of PN is released, as there will be a few changes in the game that affect the play a bit. Stay tuned!

January 21, 2010

I've decided to create a dev blog that'll serve the purpose of posting updates on current development projects here at Fuseki. You can reach the blog by clicking here or by using the Blog link at the top of the page.

The gameplay hints video is still on my schedule. I just haven't had enough time over the past week to sit down and actually film it. Hopefully things will loosen up a bit within the next few days.

January 18, 2010

ClasssicVideoGamerMag posted a gameplay video of PM on YouTube as well. Instead of embedding these videos on the page, I favorited them on YouTube and will instead post a link to all of the videos at one. You can view them all at this page. Thanks to all who have posted videos. Mine is still to come later this week, as well as an update to the Hints page.

January 16, 2010

JerryTerrifying put together a video review of PM on YouTube. He was very fair in his assessment of the game and balanced out his gameplay critiques by explaining his personal point of view as a gamer. His review gave me a few more items to add to the hints page (re: strategic elements vs limitations), which I will do very soon. Meanwhile, I need some sleep! Check out the video. Thanks Jerry!

(see this page for all of the YouTube videos posted by others.)

January 13, 2010

By popular request, I'll be putting together a gameplay demo video of Primitive Nightmare within the next couple of days, that will be uploaded to YouTube and embedded on the Hints page. I'm also going to put up a screenshot with pointers as to what all of the UI indicators are. Some people are confused as to why they keep running out of Blasters, and "What the hell does 'Levelup' mean?" I hope these pointers will help people understand the gameplay mechanics a little better.

A few issues with the game have also been brought to my attention. None of them are killers, but I do plan on fixing them and releasing Rev. 2 of the game pretty soon. One of the issues that I plan on addressing is the speed at which the instruction screen scrolls. I'll be putting some code in to stop the scrolling so that players won't miss any of the instructions. Rev. 2 should be available in a couple of weeks, as I want to see if any other issues arise.

Again, thanks to all who have downloaded the game and for the kind words. Very gratifying from my end :)

January 10, 2010

nathanallen from the AtariAge Forums was kind enough to post a video of his first experience playing Primitive Nightmare on YouTube:

(see this page for all of the YouTube videos posted by others.)

Thanks Nathan!

One day out, and almost 150 downloads already! Although we had an 8 hour site blackout earlier (turned out to not be too serious), the attention and kudos that Primitive Nightmare has gotten is humbling, and makes designing and programming games even more worthwhile than just the personal satisfaction of creation. Thanks to you all, and we hope you're enjoying the experience!

January 9, 2010

Our first game release for the Dreamcast console, Primitive Nightmare, is now out.
Visit the Primitive Nightmare page for information and downloads.

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