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Dreamcast Applications & Games
Apple ][ Soul Captor
An emulaton of the Apple ][ and ][+ computers, with support for savestates, diskimages (readonly), multilingual menu support (english menus distributed, third parties are welcome to translate the menu files into their home language.)

An advanced menu creation system for the Dreamcast, supporting the use of DivX video for use in menus, introduction sequences, and full length video (DVD like menu system) and an adaptable theme format.

Grande - SRC BIN
A port of the KXL scrolling top-down shooter game, full sound.

The marine has come back again on another platform, support for many of the original data files, with sound effects.

XBox Applications & Games
Apple ][ Soul Captor
A rewrite of the Dreamcast version, optimized for XBox, with new menus to match the XBox UI, better savestates, disk writing support (using the XBox harddisk to store disk images.)
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