Linux on Sega Dreamcast console

Linux on Sega Dreamcast console

linuxdc_2_4_20.tar.gz   DC kernel sourcetree against 2.4.20 kernel, with support of Dreamcast AICA sound, vmufs
linuxsh_2_4_20.tar.gz   SH kernel sourcetree against 2.4.20 kernel

Download those patches, then get original 2.4.20 kernel source tree. Extract all archives, then use script from linuxsh_2_4_20 sourcetree to merge all three sources together.
First treelink sh-kernel to original kernel tree, then dc-kernel to original.
To configure and compile resulted kernel, you may download and install sh4 compiler from It works greatly on RedHat 7.3
Quick guide on configuring and compiling (in case you installed sh4 compiler):
go into merged 2.4.20 dir and type:
make ARCH=sh CROSS_COMPILE=sh4-linux- menuconfig

After configuring, type:
make ARCH=sh CROSS_COMPILE=sh4-linux- clean dep zImage

linux-2.4.20-nfs-swap.diff.bz2   Patch for 2.4.20 kernel allowing swap via NFS. Copy it into your sh-dc kernel source directory and after extracting use with patch -p1, then choose nfs swapping in config.

More downloads:
Amp.gz   Amp - console mp3 player. Precompiled binary for DCLinux 01-06-05. For use, compile kernel with support of AICA sound, and create /dev/dsp node. Possibly, you need to chmod +x ./amp. It's slow, try to use downmix option.
Mc.gz   Midnight Commander. Precompiled binary for DCLinux 01-06-05. Possibly, you need to chmod +x ./mc   Xmahjongg precompiled binary for DCLinux 01-06-05. It's in zip archive. It's a build directory right after compiling, so, you need to do: make install, or manually copy all files, or try to run from current directory (possible, but at first, xmahjongg will not found backgrounds and tileset, need to give paths via options keys. Because it was archived (ziped) on non-linux system, you possibly need to chmod some files.
q2dclnx.tgz   Quake II precompiled binary for DCLinux 01-06-05. Warning - it's unstable. At least for me, it crashes with segfault after it loaded any map. At least, it's plays movies, have fully working menu, but when you try to start game/start multiplayer/load map from console - it's crash right after map is loaded.
dcq2.tgz   New! precompiled Quake II! This version works (but slow) on DCLinux 01-06-05 with NFS swap enabled, it's have two video outputs: softsdl and softx. If softsdl not work from console (it happens sometimes, and when it not works, then prboom not works too), then try softsdl from X.
./quake2 + set vid_ref softsdl +set s_initsound 0 +set cd_nocd 1
./quake2 + set vid_ref softx +set s_initsound 0 +set cd_nocd 1