FreeBSD on Anex86

Running FreeBSD 3.5.1 on Anex86 (NEC PC-98 Emulator)

Added new section - Dreamcast Linux!

Dreamcast Linux Files Information

Bootup... Far there, MC here Freshcompiled pcb DC-IDE in pcb Trying to doom
X -porbeonly anexx21.e86 + NEC480 X server = 256 colors DooM DooM DooM


XF86Config for EGC X Server (it's only 16 colors in 640x400)
XF86Config for NEC480 X Server (use anexx21.e86 module for Anex86)


Requiriments for installing FreeBSD on Anex86:
  • FreeBSD distribution
  • PC98 additional files for your FreeBSD distribution (min: 98bin and floppy98 directories)
  • X servers for PC98 (if you want X)
  • editdisk utilite (for import/export files to Anex86 hdd image)
  • DOS for PC98 (to create and format fat partition on Anex86 hdd image where you will put FreeBSD distribution for installing)

    About X:
    Without anexx21.e86 module you can use only EGC server - which is 16 color vga, with anexx21 you can use NEC480 server which is SVGA

    Compatibility and testing list (i used FreeBSD 3.5.1):
    Midnight Commander 4.1.35 - succesfully compiled and running (but better run it only in X)
    pcb 1.6.3 and 1.7.0 - succesfully compiled and running
    pdftops (from xpdf package) - succesfully compiled and running
    xdoom - works ok on NEC480 server (because i used linux xdoom binary, it's required to use FreeBSD linux emulation module)


    Sometimes, Anex86 crashes on kernel booting (after it probed first hd - wd0). It happens on both hd-installed FreeBSD and when you use FreeBSD boot/root floppies. Try to restart your system before running Anex86 (but even that not always helps).